Our Story

October 29, 2016


A Catholic mass will be celebrated at 2 p.m. at St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church (view map).


A hosted cocktail hour begins at 5 p.m. at The Players Club at Deer Creek (view map). Dinner will be served at 6 p.m. with dancing immediately following. We want to see you on the dance floor!

The Party

Katie Wimer

Matron of Honor

Katie is Jill's older sister. These two shared a room for 17 years and still feel just as close despite Katie being miles away thanks to Facetime and countless pictures of Jill's "dog niece" Khiya.

Tyler Ramaekers

Best Man

Tyler is Cameron's older brother. He's always gone first in school, sports, careers and getting married but lost the height battle years ago. Ty has served as a constant role model, best friend and occasional scapegoat for 24 years.

Natalie McGovern


Jill and Natalie met as high school freshmen and they haven't stopped laughing together since. Whether its margarita Monday, going on runs or hiking in Colorado, Natalie never fails to make it memorable.

Chris Svoboda


Chris and Cam grew up on the same street. Memories go back to climbing (and falling out of) trees, building snow forts and jumping bike ramps. Somehow these two are still standing and we couldn't be more happy to have Chris stand with us at the altar.

Jill Heywood


Jill and Jill met at high school orientation, both curious to see who shared such a great name. Add in some QuikTrip slushies, sleepovers and many miles jamming out in Jill's Bonneville and you understand why "the Jills" became a common phrase.

Tyler Rosonke


Tyler and Cam met in high school and haven't stopped thinking of "million dollar ideas", mopeds or cars to pursue since then. When you see Ty at the wedding, make sure to talk to him. You're sure to learn something!

Jaime Larsen


Jaime and Jill built a friendship around great concerts, cold beer and cabin nights. Jaime also is an amazing hairstylist which is never a bad trait. Jamie is hilarious and rivals IMDB for its collection of movie quotes.

John Westerfield


Everybody needs that friend who always says "yup, I'm in." John is that guy and has been since we met in high school. John keeps us on our toes and never fails to make the group laugh. He's no stranger to a good time... you're bound to remember him after October.

Cara Fowler


Cara and Jill met as sophomores in high school and quickly bonded over their love of Billy Madison movie quotes ("Stop looking at me, swan!"). She's largely to thank for this day as Jill often visited Cara at Ming's Restaurant where she eventually met Cam.

Chad Whiting


Chad and Cam met at Northwest. Often mistaken as brothers (or even twins), these two bonded over a love for technology, music and beer. He often gave Cam crap for leaving Maryville so often to visit Jill... well... now you see why.

Emily McKain


Emily (better known as Suggs) and Jill were roommates during nursing school. If they weren't memorizing medicines or calculating dosages you'd find them sipping wine, singing Mariah Carey and watching The Bachelor.

Matt Anderson


Cam and Matt met during a summer internship: Matt designed pretty things and Cam made them clickable. Matt is also to thank for Cam's first job out of college and many good times together since. He's a real talent, an all-around good guy and a great friend.



A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hampton Inn - Old Mill (map) for October 28-30. A special rate of $99/night will be available until September 29th. This hotel is 5 minutes from the ceremony and 10 minutes from the reception. A complimentary shuttle will be availble to take guests from the reception back to the hotel. To book with the group rate, please book online here or call (402) 334-4938 and reference the Shepherd Ramaekers wedding.

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